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Top 10 Gym in Virar, Best Health and Fitness Center

Top 10 Gym in Virar
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We have all heard that fitness isn’t just a choice, but it is a lifestyle! And to follow that lifestyle, you need some professional help.

Yes, we are talking about fitness centers. The demand for fitness is growing, and so is the demand for Gyms. There undoubtedly are a good number of gyms in Virar, and thus there needs to be more clarity when deciding which gym to join.

Are you trying to find the best gym in Virar? You have landed on the right page! Here we have created a list of the Top 10 Gyms In Virar.

This list of top 10 gyms in Virar will make it easy for you to decide which one to choose.

List Of Top 10 Gym In Virar

1. Metafit Fitness Club

This MetaFit Fitness Club is the perfect place to transform your body because this gym has it all! This is the reason this gym is on the top 10 gym in Virar. Ambiance: It has a decent indoor space for strength training, and it also has a covered outdoor area, which is specially used for Crossfit and boxing. They also have a steam room. Equipment: They have a minimal quantity of equipment and are all internationally branded. Due to their different setups for CrossFit, strength training, and cardio, the crowd gets smoothly divided. Trainers: All trainers here are very professional and supportive. Location: Star Serene, SHOP NO. 1,2,3,4,5, GROUND FLOOR, Near Experts International High School, Y K Nagar, Virar West, Maharashtra 401303 Contact: 7709326218 / 7722077794

One of the biggest and best gym in Virar. It is very spacious and beautifully constructed!

Ambiance: Well, there’s no comparison in terms of space; also, it has classy interiors and a welcoming environment.

Equipment: They have all the latest equipment and are in good numbers for cardio, CrossFit, and strength training. They also have a steam room.

Trainers: They have a group of qualified trainers that will help you get the best results!

Location: 2nd Floor, Ashoka Shopping Centre, Reserve Grove Society, Virar West, Virar, Maharashtra 401303

Contact: 072196 31630

3. Exer Coach Gym The Fitness Hub

Yet another gym in Virar that is very comfortably spacious. The interiors look elegant, and they have a very positive environment.

Ambiance: The gym has very smartly divided the space for different types of workouts.

Equipment: The equipment is packed with a variety of equipment, and this gym has all the required facilities for all types of workouts.

Trainers: The trainers here assure you the best results! So, if you really want to see a huge transformation, you should surely get personal training from them.

Location: SUGANDHI HEIGHTS, 2nd Floor, opposite Disha Restaurant, Bolinj, Virar West, Maharashtra 401303

Contact: 070455 21777

4. 19 Hours Fitness

This gym is the ‘Biggest Gym in Virar’!

Ambiance: Very hygienic and spacious! The equipment is well-placed, and the space doesn’t look cramped. 

Equipment: They have all the international equipment that will help you get great results!

Trainers: The trainer’s group is super professional! They provide personal attention to everyone, no matter if you have taken personal training or not.

Location: Plot no. 201,202 Varkhana Bhavan, Viva College Rd, opp. Banjara Hotel, Virar West, Maharashtra 401303

Contact: 083906 79679

5. Be Strong Fit for Life

This one looks compact, but the space is quite well-managed for comfortable workouts.

Ambiance: Simple interiors and a friendly environment are what best describe this gym.

Equipment: Good setup of the required equipment. There is a separate section for CrossFit as well.

Trainers: Here, they have certified trainers and nutritionists. You can take special training for better results as well.

Location: 1st Floor, Govind heights, Old, Viva College Rd, near Flyover, opp. Punjab National Bank, Virar West, Maharashtra 401305

Contact: 073504 07518

6. Muscle Engineers

The name perfectly suits the gym! If you wish to take your muscle build-up to another level, you should join here for sure!

Ambiance: The gym is very well designed and maintains a clean and friendly environment.

Equipment: Here, you will find all the necessary equipment that will help you transform your body.

Trainers: Very friendly and educated trainers, who will help you follow the right workout for you!

Location: Kingston Court, 313/3rd floor commercial near old viva college, Virar West, Virar, Maharashtra 401303

Contact: 074208 83355

7. Xtreme fitness

This gym is taking fitness training to an extreme level! 

Ambiance: There are different sections for different workouts. 

Equipment: Cardio, strength training, Crossfit, yoga, they have facilities for all workouts!

Trainers: There are highly skilled trainers to help you with proper guidance and training.

Location: 102, First floor, shree apartment narangi phata, near ganapati mandir, Virar East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 401305

Contact: 7517854519

8. SSV Gym

Looking for a gym that will not just train you but also educate you about your body and fitness? This one is perfect for you!

Ambiance: This space has a very vibrant and classy interior with a very energetic vibe.

Equipment: You will find all the latest equipment here! Also, the cardio setup is too good. 

Trainers:  All the trainers here are very knowledgeable and provide proper guidance and support.

Location: Kamanwala Nagar, Sheetal Nagar, Virar West, Virar, Maharashtra 401303

Contact: 077588 78588


Comfortable space and advanced level gym with many happy clients!

Ambiance: There’s a lot of space for working out. They have a different room for CrossFit. 

Equipment: There are a good number of equipment that are very well arranged.

Trainers: There 

Location: 7th Floor M V Plaza, Manvelpada Road, Pimpal Wadi, Virar East, Maharashtra 401305

Contact: 9673236668

10. Beau Vorm

This one surely is the center of attention as it is located in the center of the city. And hence it is in the list of top 10 gyms in Virar.

Ambiance: The environment is very friendly and has elegant interiors with bright lighting. It surely creates a positive and energetic vibe.

Equipment: The gym is very well equipped with a range of machines in good numbers. They also have a separate boxing and calisthenics workout area.

Trainers: The trainers are very professional and cooperative. They will assist you in getting the best results.

Location: Bye-pass Road, Doghar Pada, Vartak Ward, Virar West,  Maharashtra 401303

Contact: 087974 00400

Which gym did you add to your wishlist? Well, we hope you choose the best one from our top 10 gyms in Virar list!

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