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Life of Shweta Pote: Popular Model and Influencer in Vasai

Popular model and influencer in vasai
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Vasai Virar is undeniably a cradle of extraordinary talents like Shweta Pote, a place where dreams take root and soar to new heights. This vibrant locale has consistently nurtured numerous gifted individuals into the spotlight of the entertainment industry.

As this thriving community continues to contribute its exceptional talents to the entertainment industry, Vasai Virar reflects on the boundless possibilities that can be achieved when talent and opportunity collide in a place where dreams are not only born but also fulfilled.

Prepare to be captivated as we introduce you to an exceptionally talented woman whose journey is bound to ignite the flame of inspiration within you by the time you finish reading this blog. Her story is a proof to the unbeatable spirit of pursuing dreams, and she emerges as a guiding light, particularly for married women who bear a deep passion for their aspirations. Get ready to be motivated and encouraged, as we unfold the remarkable journey of a woman who not only chases her dreams but also empowers others to do the same.

Here’s Shweta Pote, a remarkable woman known for her adaptability, convivial nature, and mindful approach to life. She embodies strength, determination, and a profound belief in seizing every moment. In a society where one’s profession often becomes their sole identity, Shweta stands as “Mrs. Beyond Profession.”

Table of Contents

Shweta Pote: Popular model and influencer in vasai

In the heart of the bustling city of Mumbai resides a woman whose essence can be captured in three words – adaptable, convivial, and mindful. Shweta Pote is none other than “Mrs. Beyond Profession,” a title that speaks volumes about her dynamic life and multifaceted persona.

Born and raised in Vasai, her journey is a tapestry woven with threads of humble beginnings and remarkable achievements. From a young age, her parents instilled in her the belief that she could conquer any goal as long as she uplifted others along the way. Thus, she embarked on a path marked by strength, determination, and a commitment to living life to the fullest.

Entwined in a love story spanning 12 years, she joyfully shares her life with her college crush, a Maharashtrian man in an inter-caste marriage. Opposites in nature, their union thrives on the magnetic pull of “opposites attract.” Her husband, a constant pillar of support, stands by her in every decision. In this cross-cultural alliance, the fusion of North Indian and Maharashtrian traditions is a testament to their beautiful journey. Their story encapsulates the beauty that emerges when love bridges the gaps between different worlds, celebrating unity in diversity.

Her personal life is a harmonious blend of relationships that add color to her journey. A like-minded husband and a supportive mother-in-law stand beside her, echoing her belief in embracing life’s adventures with enthusiasm. The heart of her journey lies in her role as a mother. Shweta Pote’s 10-year-old daughter, Druhii, is not just a blessing but the very source of her strength and hard work. Through motherhood, she aspires to instil in her daughter the values of education, independence, and confidence, creating a legacy that extends beyond her own accomplishments.

As a daughter, wife, mother, Model and an accomplished Anti Money Laundering specialist, her life unfolds as a testament to the power of determination and the belief that success is not confined to professional accolades alone.

Shweta’s Daughter; Child Artist Dhruhii

Druhii, a ten year old child artist with a universe of talent within her, has graced the screens with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

She has worked in movies like “Bhediya” and “Kisika Bhai Kisiki Jaan”. You’ve seen her on Disney Hotstar’s “Aar Ya Paar”, Colors channel’s “Ek Mahanayak Dr. Bheemrao Ambedkar” and “Pinjara Khubsurti Ka”.

Druhii stands as a symbol of aspiration, a young artist painting her dreams on the vast canvas of life, guided by the love and lessons bestowed upon her by her mother. The stage is set, and the story is still in its infancy, promising a journey that’s bound to captivate hearts and leave an indelible mark on the tapestry of the entertainment world.

Shweta Pote nurtures aspirations of empowering her daughter to pursue her dreams. She is dedicated to providing unwavering support, ensuring that Druhii grows up educated, independent, and confident in making life choices. Shweta’s journey as a mother is woven with love and a deep commitment to fostering her daughter’s growth and happiness.


In the bustling corridors of destiny, Shweta Pote embarked on a professional journey that defied expectations and led her to unexpected heights. The year 2006 marked the beginning, a mere two weeks after bidding farewell to the world of academia. Little did she know that her career would unfold in ways she had never imagined.

Starting as an HR Executive, fate had its own designs, swiftly nudging her onto the banking track. The transition proved serendipitous, and what began as a professional path evolved into a passionate journey. Today, Shweta stands as an Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, a title earned through dedication, hard work, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Within the dynamic realm of Risk Management and Anti Money Laundering, her knowledge expanded, mirroring the ever-evolving landscape of the financial sector. Climbing the corporate ladder with resilience, she now holds the prestigious position of Assistant Vice President in a renowned bank. Awards and recognition have adorned her journey, testaments to her expertise and relentless efforts in combating financial crime.

While her heart initially yearned for a career in PR or Journalism, destiny steered her toward the global banking stage. However, another unexpected turn awaited her — Mrs. India Inc. in 2023, a life-altering event that would redefine her identity.

Taking up this challenge for her daughter, she ventured into the world of beauty pageants. The results were astounding. A finalist in Mrs. India Inc., winner of Mrs. Beyond Profession, and Mrs. Convivial, she became a force to be reckoned with. An invitation to represent India at the “Mrs. International Summit” in Florida, USA, propelled her onto the international stage. Not only did she secure a top-five position globally, but she also clinched the coveted Mrs. Photogenic award.

This unexpected chapter in her life uncovered a side she had never acknowledged — a contrast to her tomboyish persona. A national-level marathon runner and a rope mallakhamb player, she now embraced the feminine aspects she thought were nonexistent.

The achievement, she believes, symbolizes the culmination of countless hours of relentless effort and unwavering commitment. It stands as a testament that success, in its truest form, cannot be purchased; it must be earned through perseverance and dedication.

Shweta Pote remains forever grateful to the individuals who shared this transformative journey, offering support whenever it was needed. From the halls of international finance to the glamorous stages of beauty pageants, her story is a testament to the limitless potential hidden within unexpected twists of destiny.


Shweta Pote finished her schooling in Vasai, where she stood out for her remarkable achievements in sports during those years.

Shweta holds a degree in Business Management from M.L. Dahanukar College, Vile Parle, where she achieved the highest percentage of marks in Principles of Management during her graduation.

Alongside her degree, she has pursued additional certifications in Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) from the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance, as well as the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM). Her academic and professional pursuits reflect a commitment to excellence in the field of business and finance.

School: M.G. Parulekar School, Vasai West

Jr. College: New English Junior College Of Commerce, Vasai West

Sr. College: M.L Dahanukar College Of Commerce, Vile Parle

Titles Won

The year 2023 has proven to be a year of remarkable growth and achievement for Shweta Pote, as she graced numerous prestigious events and won several coveted titles. Let us name a few,

Mrs. Summit India 2023

Mrs. Convivial

Mrs. Photogenic 2023, Florida, USA

Mrs. Beyond Profession 2023

Here’s What Shweta Says

“I have learned that life is all about learning, and while anticipating failures is part of it, one should always move forward without regrets.”

Shweta stands as a beacon of inspiration, a woman who embodies the essence of modern empowerment. Today, we celebrate Shweta and the league of married women, applauding their accomplishments and unwavering commitment to their family, marriage, and their dreams.

Shweta, with her remarkable journey, emphasises the profound impact of education. Her motto resonates with the belief that knowledge is not just a tool for personal growth but a catalyst for societal change. Shweta fervently advocates for the importance of education, recognizing it as the key to making informed decisions in life.

As she navigates the intricate balance between family and personal aspirations, Shweta becomes a shining example of how education empowers individuals to contribute meaningfully to society, shaping them into formidable citizens who steer their lives with wisdom and purpose.

Let us end this blog of Shweta Pote’s beautiful journey, with her very own words, “A true journey must always be unpredictable, because it’s only through the individual’s response to the unknown that growth occurs”.

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