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All About Vritti Khawani, Curly Tales & Her Food Vlogging

Vritti Khawani Popular Food Vlogger in Vasai
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Hey! Do you want to know about one of the most famous Vasai Virar Creator who is a food & travel vlogger; Vritti Khawani? If yes, then you are on the right page because here we will tell you all about the journey of this social star who is from Vasai Virar.
Vritti Khawani is a known face for almost everyone in Vasai Virar, but did this happen overnight? No! Vritti Khawani has dedicatedly been into this field for years. And all her hard work has made her a social media star or we can say one of the most favourite influencers of Vasai Virar.

This Vasai Virar Creator is widely known for her food vlogs and travel vlogs. She provides detailed information about the places she visits and what one should try at a particular restaurant.

Many people go to Vritti Khawani’s Instagram profile when they want to plan an outing or visit a restaurant with their friends and family. She is among the most loved and trusted vloggers of Mumbai and for all the good reasons!

Let us tell you about how she started this beautiful journey.

Vritti Khawani Popular Food Vlogger in Vasai: First Video

Since childhood, Vritti Khawani was quite fascinated with talk shows, food shows, and her favourite was Eat Street. She always watched this food show and had decided to do something similar when she grew up. Initially her dream was to become a travel anchor for big channels like Nat Geo and Discovery. But, she decided to start her journey as a vlogger.

Vritti Khawani experimented before selecting her niche while starting her vlogging journey. She tried making dance and makeup videos but soon realised that this is not what she wants to do. Then, she decided to select food and travel as her niche.

Her first food vlog was on Vasai’s very famous, ‘Sanju Wada Pav’. She made this vlog at the time of lockdown, and decided to focus on food vlogging more as everyone was at home and quite active on social media during lockdown. Vritti made sure to make vlogs while taking all the necessary precautions necessary during that time.

Vritti Khawani’s first viral video was on ‘This is Vasai Virar’ where she showcased the beauty of Vasai Virar, the famous places and foods.

Since then she has never looked back. Even before her first video went viral Vritti used to consistently post videos on both Instagram and YouTube. Her consistency and hard work brought her this well-deserved success that she always dreamt of.

Vritti Khawani With Curly Tales

For her education, Vritti chose the field of Mass Media. While studying she got a chance to do her internship with the most famous ‘Curly Tales’. Vritti Khawani did a 2 month internship with Curly Tales which gave her a very good experience for her vlogging journey.

After completing her graduation Vritti again applied to work with Curly Tales and worked along with them for around nine months. Her passion and dedication for vlogging can be clearly seen in her journey. After taking an experience of around a whole year with Curly Tales Vritti focused on her vlogging journey with full force.

Though her dream of anchoring for travel shows on big channels like Nat Geo and Discovery is still a dream which she might soon turn into a reality, there is no denying the fact that Vritti Khawani is one of the most successful food & travel vloggers of Vasai Virar.

Throughout her food and travel vlogging journey what we can constantly see is quality content, honest experiences, and consistency. Three among the most important factors that lead one to become a successful vlogger or influencer.

Family’s Reaction To Vritti Being A Full-time Vlogger

Vritti’s family has always been very supportive of her field of work. They have always pushed her to achieve her goals and keep moving forward in her vlogging journey. But, like every one of us, Vritti also had a few relatives who were quite judgemental of her choosing this field of work. Many of her relatives said social media or vlogging is not a real job. Even after so much of judgements and advice from her relatives Vritti’s mom and dad never let it become a barrier in her journey.

In fact, many might not know the fact that the man behind Vritti’s videos is her dad. Yes! Vritti Khawani’s father is the one who has been recording her videos for so many years. Well, now she has developed a team for her vlogging but for all these years her daad has been the one shooting her videos, going to all places with her, guiding her to do better, and presenting her in the best way on camera. How beautiful to see parents being so supportive of their children especially when they choose a career that is not very commonly looked at as a valid career.

Vritti Khawani’s mom and dad are a true example of supportive parents. Because without parents’ support it is very difficult for anybody to achieve their dreams to become popular food vlogger.

Vritti Khawani’s Dream Vlog

In an interview, Vritti Khawani revealed that it is her dream to go to South Korea. Her dream vlog is her trip to South Korea, where she visits the beautiful places and tries their famous food varieties.

Well, we hope she soon gets to make this dream vlog as even we cannot wait to see her exploring South Korea which is a dream place for many since the K-pop, K-dramas, and K-food is grabbing everyone’s attention.

Looking at the pace of her growth, Vritti Khawani will soon be making her dream vlog of her trip to South Korea very soon.

Vritti Khawani’s Instagram & YouTube Growth

Vritti Khawani has a big audience on her social media platforms. On Instagram Vritti has a huge number of following which is around 104K. That’s quite a lot of followers! Don’t you agree?

Her posts and reels on Instagram have always received a very good number of reach and engagement, and her highest views on her Instagram Reels is 5.2 Million. Also, this is not her only reel to cross a million views, Vritti’s three to four reels have crossed this milestone of million views.

Even Vritti Khawani’s pet, whose name is Duke, has an Instagram account with the name ‘naamduke’. She is a true Social Media Star who also has an Instagram account for her pet and Duke is also quite active on her Instagram account.

Well, that’s not it!

Vritti’s YouTube channel named The VK Vibe has around 18.4K subscribers. Till date she has posted 168 videos on her YouTube channel. And all her videos have received a good number of views.

With such huge numbers on both her social media platforms, Vritti Khawani is truly an inspiration for all the aspiring influencers who are on this journey.

Vritti Khawani, a Vasai Virar creator is a true example of how hard work and consistency leads you to success.

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