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Top Indian Web Series List
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Do you want to know which are the top 10 trending Indian web series till 2023? These are the most loved series and are an absolute must-watch.

It’s 2024, and if you still haven’t watched the below listed Indian web series then you are missing out on some of the best entertaining series of the year. So, if you were planning a night out or a series night with your friends, and are confused as to which web series to watch with friends, then this web series list is just perfect for you.

They are all from different genres, so you can select the one that best suits your mood. But, don’t forget to watch all the Top 10 Trending Indian Web Series listed below at least once.

Let’s scroll through the list of Top 10 Trending Indian Web Series!

List of Top indian web series list 2024

1. Family Man

our first web series from the Top 10 Trending Indian Web Series list is a truly thrill watching web series This one is an action-drama series which follows the story of a middle-class man who works in the Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell (TASC) as a senior officer. It showcases a very thrilling and interesting battle of this man trying to protect the nation while making sure he is able to protect his family as well.

Directors: Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K.

Writers: Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K., Suman Kumar

Season 1: Released on 20th September 2019, 10 episodes (40-50 minutes each)

Season 2: Released on 4th June 2021, 9 episodes (50-60 minutes each)

Main Cast:

2. Rocket Boys

This beautiful series tells us the story of Dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha and Dr. Vikram Ambalal, two extraordinary men of India. They show us the early life and struggles of these amazing individuals who worked very hard to build a beautiful future for India.

Creator : Nikkhil Advani

Directors: Abhay Pannu

Writers: Kausar Munir, Abhay Pannu

Season 1: Released on 4th February 2022, 8 Episodes (30-40 minutes each)

Season 2: Released on 16th March 2023, 8 Episodes (30-40 minutes each)

Main Cast:

3. Made In Heaven

This one is a romantic web series on ‘Tara’ and ‘Karan’ two wedding planners based in Delhi. It is a beautiful blend of traditional and modern aspirations of Indian weddings.

Directors: Zoya Akhtar, Alankrita Shrivastava, Nitya Mehra and Prashant Nair.

Writers: Zoya Akhtar, Reema Kagti, Alankrita Shrivastava

Season 1: Released on 8th March 2019, 9 Episodes (45-60 minutes each)

Main Cast:

4. Paatal Lok

The story is of a down-and-out Delhi cop who lands a very high-profile case which lands him into the dark past secrets of the suspects. This crime thriller is a must watch if you want to experience the perfect blend of crime, drama, and thrill.

Directors: Avinash Arun, Prosit Roy

Writers: Sudip Sharma, Sagar Haveli, Hardik Mehta

Season 1: Released on May 15th 2020, 9 Episodes (43-53 minutes each)

Main Cast:

5. Kota Factory

This series is based in Kota, and tells about the struggles of the students there. The series is showcased in black and white which relates to the life of the students who are constantly studying like machines. It shows the harsh reality of coaching institutes and is one of the best web series in the educational genre.

Directors: Raghav Subbu

Writers: Tamojit Das

Season 1: Released on 16th April, 5 Episodes (30-45 minutes each)

Season 2: Released on 24th September 2021, 5 Episodes (30-45 minutes each)

Main Cast:

6. Undekhi

It showcases two different aspects of the society and the harsh truth where the powerful one’s get away with anything and the oppressed one’s have to struggle for justice. It is a story of a dancer who is killed at a wedding function. It shows how greedy and powerful people go to any extent to hide their crime.

Directors: Ashish R. Shukla

Writers: Siddharth Sengupta, Varun Badola, Umesh Padalkar, Mohinder Pratap Singh

Season 1: Released on 10th July 2020, 10 Episodes (30-35 minutes each)

Season 2: Release on 4th March 2022, 10 Episodes (30-35 minutes each)

Main Cast:

7. Panchayat

An engineering graduate joins as the secretary of a Panchayat of a remote village of Uttar Pradesh named Phulera. This series is a very entertaining comedy-drama that shows the journey of this graduate.

Directors: Deepak Kumar Mishra

Writers: Chandan Kumar

Season 1: Released on 3rd April 2020, 8 Episodes (20-45 minutes each)

Season 2: Released on 18th May 2022, 8 Episodes (20-45 minutes each)

Main Cast:

8. Aarya

This story revolves around Aarya, a beautiful stay-at-home mother, and a devoted wife, who’s husband is a part of certain illegal practices which she is unaware of. But, as her husband gets mysteriously killed, Aarya joins the gang of the dealers to protect her family and take revenge for her husband’s murder.

Creators: Ram Madhvani, Sandeep Modi

Directors: Ram Madhvani, Vinod Rawat, Sandeep Modi and Kapil Sharma.

Writers: Sandeep Shrivastava, Anu Singh Choudhary, Sanyuktha Chawla Shaikh

Season 1: Released on 19th June 2020, 9 Episodes (35-60 minutes each)

Season 2: Released on 10th December 2021, 8 Episodes (35-60 minutes each)

Main Cast:

9. Sacred Games

Two men with completely opposite backgrounds, one is a cop and one is a dreadful gangster give us chills down the spine while their past links uncover. It is a bang on thriller that you will enjoy watching.

Creators: Vikramaditya Motwane

Directors: Anurag Kashyap, Vikramaditya Motwane, Neeraj Ghaywan

Writers: Varun Grover, Vasant Nath, Smita Singh, Prakhar Sharma, Dhruv Narang, Nihit Bhave, Pooja Tolani

Season 1: Released on 6th July 2018, 8 Episodes (45-60 minutes each)

Season 2: Released on 15th August 2019, 8 Episodes (45-60 minutes each)

Main Cast:

10. Hostel Daze

Hostel Daze is the last web series in our Top 10 Trending Indian Web Series list. But it is full of fun and worth watching. An adventurous journey of four friends who take us through what goes inside an engineering college hostel. It is a very entertaining adult-comedy drama that gives a sneak peak to hostel life, college romance, friendships and so on.

Creators: Saurabh Khanna, Abhishek Yadav

Directors: Raghav Subbu, Amir Musanna, Sangram Naiksatam, Abhinav Anand, Sachin Negi

Writer: Abhishek Yadav

Season 1: Released on 13th December 2019, 5 Episodes (30-35 minutes each)

Season 2: Released on 22nd July 2021, 4 Episodes (30-35 minutes each)

Season 3: Released on 16th November 2022, 6 Episodes (30-40 minutes each)

Main Cast:

How many from the above listed Top 10 Trending Indian Web Series have you already watched? If not any, then here’s your sign to give it a watch.

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