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Top 10 Restaurants in Vasai, Every Foodie Must Visit in 2024

Looking for delicious multi-cuisine restaurants in Vasai?

Whether you're a veg or non-veg lover, We have the best options for you. We have brought to you the most unique and legendary restaurants in Vasai. We got the list of top 10 rated restaurants in Vasai along with suggestions of some must-try dishes.


1. Farmhouse Sea and Sand

If you are craving some seafood, Farmhouse is a must-visit rooftop restaurant, where the bar is on the seaside. They serve the best seafood with desserts like a sizzling brownie, Gulab Jamun Rabdi, and other dishes with authentic Koliwada flavor. Enjoy their best dishes, such as mocktails, main course, desert, Tandoori chicken, and cocktails.

Address: Pachu Bandar Rajani Road, West, Naigaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 401201

Phone: 092701 03444

2. Kubera Veg Restaurant

Known for its pav bhaji specialty, they also serve south Indian breakfast options and cold coffee with ice cream. Kuber Restaurant is located close to Vasai Railway Station and has a cosy and rustic ambiance for family and friends.

Address: Kubera Veg Restaurant, Ground Floor, Dewan Tower, Opp Parvati Cinema / Opp Dattatray Shopping Centres, Near Ambadi Road, Junction, Vasai Station Rd, Vasai West, Vasai-Virar, Maharashtra 401202

Phone: 072493 88062

3. Post Office Bistro and Bar

In the chilled-out locality of Vasai, this restaurant has a variety of global cuisines, a kid’s menu, and vegan options. The Post Office Bistro and Lounge Bar is one of the top bistro bars in Vasai, offering an intimate dining experience. And plenty of seating areas for sports screenings and live music on weekends. You can also indulge in their loyalty programme for rewards.

Address: Ground floor, Pam Infrastructure, J. N. Rd., near Urban Juice Centre, opposite Chimaji Appa Ground, Koliwada, Vasai West, Vasai-Virar, Maharashtra 401201

Phone: 077208 87799

4. Hotel Kinara Bar and Restaurant

If you are a fish lover, you must visit the Kinara bar and restaurant. It has casual dining and a seafront view of the Arabian Sea coast. Here, you will get dishes like Fried Bombil, Pomfret, and Prawns, as well as spicy curries and kebabs.

Address: Pachu Bandar, Rajani Road, Naigaon, West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 401201

Phone: 097656 40961

5. Kerala Cafe

South Indian breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks have always been outstanding here. In that vein, Kerala Cafe is a south Indian restaurant that serves authentic Malabar cuisine with a modern touch. It is an award-winning multi-chain restaurant serving the best authentic Kerala food in all of Vasai, like bamboo biryani and traditional meat and rice dishes; their flavorful menu is perfect for a date or family meal; their walls are covered with traditional wall art; and Kerala Cafe gives off a rustic and modern vibe.

Address: Ground Floor, Vardan Apartment, St. Alphonsa Church Rd, Vasai West, Vasai-Virar, Maharashtra 401202

Phone: 077220 56688

6. Celebrity Family Restaurant and Bar

Celebrity Family Restaurant and Bar in Vasai is a popular dining destination known for its inviting ambiance and diverse menu. It offers a range of cuisines, including Indian, Chinese, and seafood dishes, ensuring a delightful experience for all taste buds. The restaurant features a comfortable and spacious setting, making it ideal for family gatherings and social events. Signature dishes like their succulent kebabs and flavorful curries with excellent service and a vibrant atmosphere.

Address: Ambadi Rd, Sai Nagar, west, Vasai-Virar, Maharashtra 401202

Phone: 090283 67252

7. Zeal Sky Bar

Zeal Skybar is an elegant rooftop dining destination. It is known for its stunning panoramic views, rooftop, fancy crowds, soups, and salads. Located in Vasai West, this restaurant offers onion rings, white sauce pasta, salad, and more. You may even refresh yourself with their cocktails. These facilities make it a fun spot for evening drinks and social gatherings.

Address: Zeal Sky Bar, 4th Floor, Tania Planet, Bhabola Naka, near D-Mart, Vasai West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 401205

Phone: 095034 58884

8. Haridwar Pure Veg Restaurant

Located opposite the Vasai bus depot, it is known for its good quality and quantity. Haridwar restaurant serves the best stuff: paratha, Haridwar special pizza, and pav bhaji. It is also known for its variety of breakfast and fasting (upvas) menus.

Address: Vasai Station Rd, opp. S.T. Bus Depot, Vishal Nagar, Vasai West, Vasai-Virar, Maharashtra 401202

Phone: 082629 44933

9. Salt Pan Restaurant and Bar

The Salt Pan restaurant in Vasai is located very close to Salt Pans serving their famous jalebi caviar, crispy chicken fingers, tangy mutton chops, and alcoholic beverages. Terrace seating with live music and a play area for kids is the highlight of this place.

Address: Opp. Bhuigaon-Dongri Talav Giriz, Nirmal Rd., Vasai-Virar, Maharashtra 401201

Phone: 089560 70437

10. Gold Coin Family Deluxe Restaurant

Situated in the western suburbs of Mumbai, Gold Coin restaurant in Vasai has a variety of food options; some of their specialties include South Indian Chicken Curry, Chicken Stuffed Naan, Pala Khichdi, and Paan Syrup. Pocket-friendly with a casual dining experience Gold Coin Restaurant has prompt service and an attentive staff to cater to your serving needs.

Address: Shop 45/52, Golden Park, Vasai Station Rd., near Parvati Cinema, Dindayal Nagar, Vasai West, Vasai-Virar, Maharashtra 401202

Phone: 086989 54610