Viral Video; Woman Slaps News Reporter On Being Asked for Viral Car Video

What is the matter of Indore Woman Viral Video? What she did? Let’s tell you the whole scenario.

8 months ago, a video went viral wherein a woman can be seen struggling to get out of an Audi car, crying out for help, “Mujhe chod do please.” And she got out of the car in an uncomfortable state. The situation was captured by two people who uploaded it on social media platforms. Due to the sensitive content, it got viral soon.

Viral Video of Indore girl
Know what is the viral video of Indore Girl car incident

Some sources stating that; a case has since been registered against the person who accused the girl. But…The woman has now taken back her statement and claimed that it was a mere fight with her “brother.” And that she doesn’t want to take any action against him.

On the other hand some sources are saying viral video reached to the police, they took actions and called victim to file a FIR against the accuse.

The topic became very curious because the case took another path out of nowhere when the girl stated that the accused was her brother, and she didn’t want to take this case further.

In one of the situation related videos, police officer stated that when girl came to police station she refused to file a FIR. They tried to make her understand that she can become an example for many girls, but no use. She stated that the guy was her bother and they had an argument in the car, there was nothing wrong in it. Even she showed anger for those people who uploaded her video on the internet.

Another Viral Video of Indore Woman

Recently, there has been another viral video of the same woman wherein you can see the woman slapping the reporter when the reporter questioned her. She could have replied or ignored the question, but instead, she slapped the reporter. She started running away after slapping the journalist. The situation became worse as the team of cameramen started running behind her as well.

This happened when the woman was leaving after taking back her statement.

All this took place in the presence of a few officials. The officials were seen trying their best to take control of the situation. There have been mixed responses from the audience since the video went viral. Some are sympathizing with the women and spitting hate on the media for being insensitive, while there are many who have been bashing the women for being violent and misbehaving with the journalist.

What are your thoughts on this?

Is that girl done right, or is this not justice with the reporters? There is one more question that is popping up: Why did the statement of the girl get altered, and the case has been taken back after eight months? Was she is in real trouble, or created just for publicity?

Different people can have different opinions and points of view regarding the situation.

Do let us know your opinion on the latest viral videos in the comments.

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