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Geeta Jain Latest News | विधायक गीता जैन फिर सरकारी कर्मचारी पर बरसीं | Mira Bhayandar News Today

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This video is about the latest news of Geeta Jain, an Independent MLA from Mira Bhayandar in Maharashtra, who lost her temper on a government employee again. The video of her scolding a staff member of the hall has been going viral.


She has been seen pressurising the staff member to give in writing regarding the delay in providing the hall. This Geeta Jain’s latest news has been raising many questions.

Also, this is not the first time that Geeta Jain has been in the limelight for her violent behavior. Earlier, another video of her grabbing the collar and slapping a junior civic engineer for demolishing some houses without notice had also gone viral.

However, the reason here does not seem big enough for Geeta Jain to lose her cool. Why did she do this? Sources say that elections are likely to start in October or December this year. Did Geeta Jain do this to get some attention? The exact reason behind her outburst is not confirmed yet.

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