Vasai Virar News Today: Unveiling the Latest Happenings

Vasai Virar News Today: Unveiling the Latest Happenings
Vasai Virar News Today, Know what is happening around you

Vasai Virar News Today: Numerous incidents are occurring in the Vasai Virar regions every day. To keep you updated, we present this article summarizing all the major news from Vasai Virar today. Stay informed about what is happening around you and ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones.

Let’s look at some of the local news highlights.

Vasai Virar News Today Highlights

Virar – On Tuesday at 5 pm in Manvelpada, Virar, 3 women laborers died and two were injured when the retaining wall of an under-construction site collapsed. There were a total of 12 laborers working at the site called Suryakiran. After finishing their day’s work, the workers went to clean their hands in the water when the wall suddenly collapsed on them.

Vasai East – On Tuesday, June 6th, at the Vasai East West Connecting Bridge, a dead body was found in the drain area (Nalla). Firefighters faced difficulty in removing the body as it was stuck in the pipes and cables. According to the information, it is assumed that the body floated from somewhere else and got stuck there.

Vasai Navapur – On Tuesday, June 6th, at the Navapur seaside, illegal constructions, including hotels and resorts, was demolished by a JCB. The municipal officers had sent notices to them a few days ago, but there was no response from the resort and hotel owners. According to the officers, such illegal constructions are tarnishing the beauty of Vasai.

Vasai East – On Tuesday, June 6th, at Manish Industry No. 4, Vasai East, three workers stole imitation jewellery worth Rs. 2,19,000 and fled to West Bengal. Fifteen days ago, three workers named Shaikh Hussain, Saddam Hussain, and Indrajit came from West Bengal to work at this industry. They used to stay in the company premises and work during the day. Yesterday, they robbed the jewellery and returned to West Bengal. The Manikpur police are investigating the matter.

Vasai East – On Tuesday, at Madhuvan, a person named Jitendrakumar Ramdhar Chaudhari fell from the 3rd floor of Vir-1 building. According to the information, he was intoxicated when he fell from the building.

Nallasopara West – Cases of child kidnapping are increasing day by day in the Vasai Virar regions. Another case occurred at Gass Dongari, Nallasopara, where a 13-year-old girl was kidnapped.

So these are the Vasai Virar News Today Highlights. Stay connected with Vasai Virar News for such daily news happening in the regions.