Vasai Electricity News Today: Biggest Electrical Emergency Alert In Vasai Virar 2023

Do you know what goes on in our state Maharashtra?

Have you hear about Vasai Electricity News today? Are Vasai Virar People going to suffer from an electrical emergency?

Let’s know the matter in detail.

Today onwards, i.e. Wednesday, 4 January 2023, more than 86,000 employees and 40,000 other contract workers of the Maharashtra state power companies Mahavitaran, Mahagenco, and Mahatransco are gone on a 72-hour strike for 3 days. More specifically, all the state electricity company employees were on strike on 4 January, 5 January, and 6 January 2023.

What Is This Strike All About?

The strike is against the entry of private company Adani Transmission Limited into the power distribution business in other parts of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

This is not it; 31 opposition unions are opposing the “privatization” of state power generation and transmission companies.

What are your opinions on this?

Will the Maharashtra state power companies go under privatization, or it will be remain with the government?

What Are The Myths And Reality About The Vasai Electricity News Today? Know The Electricity Emergency in Vasai Virar


The first myth about Vasai Electricity News Today is there will be no electricity in the Vasai Virar region for 3 days. People will suffer from electricity issues from 4 January till 6 January 2023.

The second myth is there will only be one to help if the people of Vasai Virar get any inconvenience of electricity.


WhatsApp Message Circular From The Government

All electricity consumers are requested to keep their mobiles charged, fill water tanks, grind, and do any of the above work on electrical appliances in advance because…….

Electricity workers are going on strike on 4,5,6 January 2023

All the electricity workers in the entire Maharashtra will be on strike. This strike is not at all with the intention of disturbing you. There is no intention behind this strike to gain anything. But if someone is coming to swallow up the public sector Mahavitraan like BSNL company was slowly swallowed up by giving free SIM, then this is against it.

Of course, these three days will be troublesome or gone. But we apologize. This strike is only for customers. For example, before BSNL went down, Jio was giving free lifetime SIM and a high-speed data pack; today low-speed data pack costs Rs. 700.

Tomorrow electricity rates will increase like mobile recharge, and they will not be affordable for the common consumer. Some capitalists are eager for that. This strike is against them. The service may hurt some customers, and they are upset by the charges, but no matter what, the public electricity industry running on a no-profit or loss basis should survive.

Electricity is a commodity that everyone needs for daily use. If it goes into the hands of private capitalists tomorrow, this strike is because the future price increase will not be affordable for the consumer. There is a lot to write, but a small attempt to explain in brief hope you will understand.

Sorry again.

Electricity Employees:- Sudhir Rathod, Divisional President, M. St. Electricity Workers Federation Association Pusad

By Maharashtra State Electricity Employees Officer Sangharsh Committee

✊Let the workers’ unity be victorious✊

Backup Plan For Power Supply

Yes, there is a big question in front of everyone Vasai electricity news today: what if people face any inconvenience with the power supply?

Yes, this will be a very troublesome 3 days for the Maharashtra people. But don’t worry, as there is a Backup Plan to handle the situation.

This backup plan incorporates the following:

-An impaneled agency to provide human resources in the place of ground-level workers who are going on strike.

-Retention of contract workers who cannot participate in the strike.

-Recall retired employees of Mahavitran to serve in emergencies.

-Taking support of electrical workers from other government departments like PWD.

-People facing the inconvenience of power supply can call on Toll-Free Helpline Number: 1800-212-3435 / 1800-233-3435 / 1912/19120

Last Word

We’ll only suggest you not get trapped in the myths. There are backup plans for every emergency. And wait for the results.

So now you know all the myths and reality about the Vasai Electricity News Today.

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