Want To Know The Top 10 Gyms In Vasai?

Are you a fitness lover? But is finding your perfect Gym a task for you? We are here to cut the confusion with the list of Top 10 Gyms In Vasai! 

Pertaining to our busy schedules, staying fit has become a huge challenge for all. Don’t you agree? And to top it up, our eating habits and lifestyle make it even difficult to maintain our fitness. 

This is why we require some professional help here! Do you wish to get some guidance and assistance from certified fitness trainers? If yes, then the below mentioned Gyms are just perfect for you!

Top 10 gyms in Vasai region
list of Top 10 gyms in Vasai region

List of Top 10 Gyms In Vasai

Here we have mentioned the top 10 Gyms in Vasai that one can surely trust!

  1. Gold’s Gym

You might have already guessed it right? This Gold’s gym has topped the list of Top 10 Gyms In Vasai for all the obvious reasons. This international brand has levelled up the fitness game in Vasai!

Ambiance: This humongous gym stands out in every way! This gym is just like its name ‘Gold’! 

Equipment: There is high quality equipment, unique machines for working out. The best part? There’s a ‘Sauna’! The perfect way to relax after a heavy workout. They even have separate rooms for Yoga & Zumba.

Trainers: Very highly experienced and certified trainers who help you get the best results. There are also professional Yoga & Zumba instructors.

Location: 2nd Floor, Tanya Planet, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Bhabola, Suyog Nagar, Vasai West, Vasai-Virar, Maharashtra 401202

Contact: 084468 52800

  1. Cerejo 11 Fitness Gym

 This is another amazing gym in the list of Top 10 Gyms In Vasai that is quite popular in Vasai. 

Ambiance: Very comfortably spacious, and hygienic gym. 

Equipment: Here you will find all the latest equipment in very good quantity. So, you don’t need to wait for your turn!

Trainers: Power group of trainers who are all quite qualified and very supportive as well.

Location:  Hira Niketan, Vasai Station Rd, Dindayal Nagar, Vasai West, Vasai-Virar, Maharashtra 401202

Contact: 083788 12888

  1. REFLEX Gym

Ambiance: It is very spacious and comfortable. The interiors give it a perfect classy look. 

Equipment: There is a variety of equipment in good quantity. So, you don’t need to wait for your turn.

Trainers: There are professional trainers with good experience in this field. Personal training is recommended for the best results.

Location: JAI RESIDENCY, Sheetal Dam building, Shop no 1- 6, Mahadev Temple Before, Evershine City, Vasai East, Maharashtra 401208

Contact: 095612 38224

  1. Powerzone Gym

Just like its name, this place is your ultimate power zone.

Ambiance: This gym is comfortably spacious and has a very calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Equipment: They have the latest equipment that will help you work out better.

Trainers: They have a group of dedicated trainers. They also have special female trainers available round the clock which is quite rare to find in the gyms in Vasai. 

Location: C-150, B-001, Annant Shrada CHS LTD, Evereshine City, Next to Evershine Medical, Before Last Stop, Main Rd, Evershine City, Vasai East, Maharashtra 401208

Contact: 070200 48231

  1. Muscle Fitness Gym

Get your muscles fitter and stronger by joining here!

Ambience: Decent spacing, not very spacious but does not look congested. Has a very comfortable atmosphere.

Equipment: They have all the necessary equipment. Not overpacked with a lot of equipment.

Trainers: They have qualified trainers who are very supportive and provide proper guidance.

Location: Bungalow no.16,2nd floor, vibhuti bungalow, Ambadi Rd, near Yamaha showroom, Vasai West, Maharashtra 401202

Contact: 099303 51366

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  1. The Fitness Station

This gym in the Top 10 Gyms In Vasai list is your perfect station for achieving your fitness goals.

Ambience: The space is well divided which makes it comfortable. 

Equipment: There are a decent number of equipment available. The dumbbells are printed with Captain America’s shield design making them even more fun to use.

Trainers: The trainers here are very helpful, even when you aren’t taking personal training. They are very attentive toward everyone. 

Location: Shop No. 33 & 34, Regal Complex, Nalasopara – Vasai Link Rd, Opp. Arth Hospital, Vasai-Virar, Maharashtra 401209

  1. J-Rai Gymnasium

This gym is known to be one of the biggest gyms in Vasai. So, if you love spacious gyms, this one is just for you.

Ambience: Very spacious and quite classy interiors with a positive atmosphere. They have a huge CrossFit setup.

Equipment: This gym is very well equipped. They are all the necessary equipment.

Trainers: Here you will find certified trainers who are very polite and supportive. 

Location: Vasant Nagari Ground, Vasant Nagari, Opp.Regal Heights, Evershine City, Vasai East, Maharashtra 401209

Contact: 099605 28422

  1. WALTZ Fitness Gym

Yet another professional gym with all the good reasons for you to join!

Ambience: Compact in terms of space but has a very clean and peaceful environment. 

Equipment: The equipment is neat and in decent numbers. Not too packed with equipment.

Trainers: The trainers are attentive and very professional. 

Location: Next to Gayatri Mandir, Krishna Twp, Vasai West, Vasai-Virar, Maharashtra 401202

  1. Transformers – The Body Engineers

One of the most talked about Gyms due to its amazingly striking workout set-up. 

Ambience: Unbeatable interiors, very comfortable and spacious.

Equipment: There is a vivid variety of equipment and in very good numbers. Very unique and advanced equipment for some amazing results.

Trainers: Extremely qualified and experienced trainers. If you want the best results you should surely go for their Personal Training plans.

Location:  Imperial classic, Bhabola Naka, Vasai-Virar, Maharashtra 401202

Contact: 080883 35500

  1. Gymzilla

This space is known for giving the best results!

Ambience: Very attractive and elegant interiors. Very spacious gym as compared to others. 

Equipment: Here you will find top-level equipment arranged perfectly and in good quantity so you don’t have to wait for your turn.

Trainers: The trainers here are certified and are also very supportive.  

Location: Ground floor, Rajdeep Center, 100 Feet Rd, near St. Francis school, Vasai West,  Maharashtra 401202

Contact: 070452 53781

So, kickstart your fitness journey by joining your perfect gym from the list of Top 10 Gyms In Vasai!