Safe and pothole free roads Chief Minister Eknath Shinde warns of actions

News Today, Vasai: Are you also frustrated because of the potholes on the roads?

Want safe and pothole free roads?

If your answer is YES, we have the good news for you!

Because of the increasing traffic jam in the city and to address it, CM Eknath Shinde held a meeting with different sector officials, incorporating police, transport and public works department officers. This safe and pothole free roads work need to complete before the monsoon more specifically, he mentioned before 1st June 2023 for Thane and Mumbai roads. 

He also ordered and directed the responsible agencies to fill potholes on all the roads in the city. In strong words, CM Eknath Shinde asked the agencies to immediately fill and cover potholes without considering who is the owner or responsible for the road.

Agenda Behind The Meeting

This meeting took place when the CM noticed that the development works at the different places of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region area are putting a lot of pressure on Thane city, as an output of which there is a traffic jam at various places. 

Last year in the monsoon, 6 deaths happened due to the potholes on the roads. Hence CM of India instructed authorities to complete most of the work before 1st June 2023. He wishes to make pothole free roads in India to avoid any trouble for the citizen during monsoon season and accidents as well. 

What Are The Instructions Given By CM Eknath Shinde For Pothole Free Roads?

Instructions for Mumbai-Nashik Highway Work

  • He instructed about the ongoing work on Bhiwandi road through MMRDA, 60% work has been completed, and the remaining work should be completed before monsoon.
  • Through MMRDA, the roads in Bhiwandi city which are not in good condition, need to be repaired as soon as possible.
  • Immediately completing the ongoing road work on the Mumbai-Nashik highway to break the deadlock on the Saket-Kharegaon bridge.
  • Instructions to Mumbai Municipal Corporation Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal to immediately repair the pipeline road and bring it to good condition as it is causing the massive traffic jams on the Thane-Nashik Highways, Kalher.

Instructions for Mumbra Bypass Road

  • CM Shinde instructed to plant trees between its divergence and beautifully change the look of both sides with bamboo in a modern manner.
  • Due to the stress on the work of traffic regulation, instructions are given to the Thane Municipal Corporation and Public Works Department to provide extra traffic wardens to help the traffic police and asked for extra police officers from Mumbai.
  • Work on Gaymukh-Waghbeel road needs to be completed in time, and both service roads and highways on Ghodbunder Road and East Expressway should be put into utilization.
  • Instructions given for taking action against the people who use the service road for parking. 
  • Instructed to utilize the vacant spaces of Kharegaon toll plaza and zakat nakas along East Expressway for parking the buses, trucks and school buses.

What Will Be The Strict Actions Against Responsible Authorities If Nonstandard Work Found?

CM has strictly directed that the poor-quality work will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Even a small pothole falling on the road during the rainy season is fatal.

Responsibility is given to the officials of the particular department to ensure that there are no potholes on the roads under their jurisdiction.

If in any case, CM Shinde founds any sort of poor work on the roads, he will take strict actions against the authorized or responsible person.

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Last Words

Our loving and caring CM Eknath Shinde said that it is the responsibility of all of us to serve good quality facilities to the people. Some sources are stating that Mumbai roads will be pothole-free in 2 years. We, Vasai Virar News, keep faith in the CM that this monsoon, people will not suffer from the potholes on the roads and enjoy a better ride experience with pothole free roads. And Soon we’ll travel on pothole free roads in India.

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