The Kerala Story, Truth Or Propaganda? Know Public Reactions On The Controversial Movie 

The Kerala Story Movie has a lot of controversy going around it. But is this movie the truth or a propaganda? Here you will get to know all about The Kerala Story; public reactions, cast, box office collection and a lot more.

All the social media platforms are flooded with reactions on The Kerala Story. From known faces to the audience, everyone has turned very vocal and are giving out their opinions on this very openly. Even many leaders are taking their own stand either in support of the movie or against the movie. 

The Kerala Story has surely started a strong debate among everyone which will go on for a long time. The impact of the movie can be very clearly seen through how people are reacting after watching the movie. 

Let us tell you about this movie which is the sixth highest grossing hindi movie in 2023!

About The Kerala Story Movie

Even after several controversies, The Kerala Story was released on 5th May 2023. The movie is directed by Sudipto Sen and stars Adah Sharma in the lead role. 

Since the teaser of The Kerala Story was released, the controversy began and the film was even courted for its claim that 32,000 women were abducted from Kerala to be converted into Islam. 

Shalini Unnikrishnan, a woman who converted to Islam, and named Fatima Ba shares her harrowing experience of how her dream of becoming a nurse was shattered and how her life took a drastic turn when she was abducted from her home. She was coerced by religious extremists and was eventually radicalised into joining the ISIS group. Her involvement led her to be imprisoned in Afghanistan.

The story mainly focuses on the journey of Shalini but also showcases the horrifying experiences of three young girls who are her friends. 

The Kerala Story Cast: The main cast of the movie includes,

Adah Sharma

Yogita Bihani

Sonia Balani

Siddhi Idnani

Box Office Collection Of The Kerala Story

The backlashes couldn’t stop the movie from setting a benchmark at the box office and crossing Rs.50 crores mark in India, in just five days of its release. The film is performing much better than the recent hindi movies starring big names. 

This is a commendable number for a small budget film and especially when there is so much rage against the movie. 

Public Reactions On The Kerala Story

There has been mixed public reaction to the movie The Kerala Story. Some people have tagged it as ‘Spinechilling’, ‘Thought Provoking’, and ‘Eye Opening’. While some have said the film to be ‘Fake’, ‘Spreading Hate’, and ‘Nuisance’. 

We can clearly see two different groups of opinions forming. The film has undoubtedly received huge appreciation for daring to touch such a sensitive and controversial topic and presenting it openly. Actress Adah Sharma’s performance is being highly appreciated by everyone. 

Many people can be seen coming out of the theatres completely furious as well as emotional. Certain public reviews are urging everyone, especially young girls to watch this movie. 

There’s a huge banter on The Kerala Story on Twitter. Some tweets are immensely appreciative of the movie and the cast. Some are claiming that the movie is spreading hate and targeting a particular religion. Let’s see some of the Tweets.

The Kerala Story Movie Banned 

Just as there are mixed reactions from the people, there are mixed actions taken by the leaders. Some have banned ‘The Kerala Story’ while some are making the film tax free! Let us tell you more about the actions taken against the film. 

The Chief Minister Of West Bengal, Mamta Banerjee has banned ‘The Kerala Story’ in West bengal. She said that this action has been taken to avoid hatred and violence while maintaining peace in the State. Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee calls this movie to be a ‘distorted story’.

The Tamil Nadu Theatre and Multiplex Owners Association stopped the screening of The Kerala Story calling it a “precautionary measure”

BJP ruled states, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh have made the film The Kerala Story tax free. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shown his support for the film.  

Know about the Kerala Houseboat Tragedy

Well, different people will have different opinions and reactions to this controversial movie. But, the fact that the cast has performed extremely well cannot be denied and deserves the appreciation.

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