India Wins 2 Oscars 2023 | ‘RRR’ & ‘The Elephant Whisperers’ Bring Home Oscars

It is a very proud moment for all Indians and the Indian Cinema! As India wins not just one but two Oscars 2023. RRR and The Elephant Whisperers have made us all very proud by winning the Oscars. 

The Oscar winning moment was indeed very delightful to watch as India won Oscars after many years, and on top of it, India won 2 Oscars! The social media has already been buzzing aloud with this great news, and not just the audience, but even the celebrities cannot keep calm. Everyone has been expressing their happiness about the Oscars 2023.

India Wins 2 Oscars 2023 | 'RRR' & 'The Elephant Whisperers'
India Wins 2 Oscars 2023 | ‘RRR’ & ‘The Elephant Whisperers’ Bring Home Oscars

Oscars 2023

The 95th Academy Awards was indeed a memorable one for many, but especially for India. The last Oscar Award that India won was in the year 2009. And after so many years, we bring home not one but two Oscar Awards for such amazing categories. 

Being nominated for the Oscars was huge, and winning it made it worth all the effort. The movie ‘RRR’ and the documentary short film ‘The Elephant Whisperers’ won Oscars and proved that Indian Cinema has such amazing hidden gems.

RRR Wins Oscars 2023

RRR movie, a Telugu action-drama film, has been in the talks for quite some time now. It already made it huge when RRR won the Golden Globes Award for their most loved song, ‘Naatu Naatu’, and the news of it being nominated in the Oscars 2023 for the same song was already a very proud moment not only for the Telugu film industry but the whole Indian Cinema. 

RRR movie’s Naatu Naatu won Oscar in the category of Music for The Best Original Song. The song has been a huge hit since its release. The Music was very refreshing, and the energy in the song, along with the actors’ mind-blowing performance, Ram Charan and Jr. NTR, was just the perfect combination to make this song a huge success.

The RRR Oscar winning moment was a visual treat to watch and felt absolutely surreal. M.M. Keervani and Chandrabose graced the stage with immense joy on their faces. Director S.S Rajamouli couldn’t keep calm, and the same was with the stars, Ram Charan & Jr. NTR, along with the whole team present. 

Indian Film ‘The Elephant Whisperers’ Win Oscars 2023

Kartiki Gonsalves and Guneet Monga’s ‘The Elephant Whisperers’ make history as they win the first ever Oscar for an Indian Production. This Netflix documentary short film is 41 mins long and beautifully portrays the story of a South Indian couple who tries to save a baby elephant and adopt him, dedicating their life to his care. It beautifully brings light to the barriers faced by the wildlife and also presents the beauty of the bond between man and the wild. The Elephant Whisperers is streaming on Netflix and is undoubtedly an absolute must-watch!

This was also Kartiki Gonsalves’ directorial debut, and she bagged the award! What better debut can anybody else want? 

This win is indeed a landmark achievement for all good reasons!

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Celebrities React On India’s Win Oscars 2023

Deepika Padukone at Oscars 2023 not just graced the event with her beautiful presence but also very proudly talked about Naatu Naatu on this big platform! Her face was glowing with happiness and pride while her eyes were filled with happy tears as she sat in the audience applauding the great Oscar win by RRR.

All the celebs, from Priyanka Chopra to Alia Bhatt, expressed their joy on this great win!  

List Of Oscar Awards Won By India 

Oscar 2023 has been India’s fourth Oscar winning year. Do you want to know about all the Oscar Awards won by India? Let us tell you about the Oscar Award list of India in detail!

  1. The first Oscar win by India was at the 55th Academy Awards. It was a proud win of Bhanu Athaiya for the category ‘Best Costume Design’. This dates back to the year 1982. What a moment of pride for India to win its first Oscar in 1982! Bhanu Athaiya won the Oscar for the costume design of Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi.
  2. Satyajit Ray became the first Indian to receive the Honorary Academy Award. Yet another landmark achievement for India that dates back to the year 1992 at the 64th Academy Awards.
  3. The year 2009 was huge for India. This was the 81st Academy Awards, where our gems of India won the prestigious Oscar Award. Gulzar, A.R Rahman, and Resul Pookutty won the Oscars. They won for different categories but for the same Oscar winning movie, Slumdog Millionaire. 

Gulzar won Oscar for ‘Best Original Song’ for ‘Jai Ho’ song from Slumdog Millionaire, A.R Rahman for ‘Best Original Score’ & ‘Best Original Song’ for Slumdog Millionaire and ‘Jai Ho’ song from the same, and Resul Pookutty for ‘Best Sound Mixing’ for Slumdog Millionaire. 

Then cut to 2023, where we again got to experience this beautiful feeling of happy tears and pride when RRR won Oscar 2023 and The Elephant Whisperers won the Oscar 2023. Let us all take some good time to rejoice about this moment! 

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