Google Pixel 7a Specifications Leaked: Check Out What to Expect

Google Pixel 7a Specifications Leaked: Check Out What to Expect

Have you been waiting for the next iteration of the Pixel 7a? The wait is almost over! We’ve got some exclusive news on the specs that’s so hot it must be seen to be believed.

Word has it that the Pixel 7a is equipped with a 90Hz refresh rate, 64MP main camera and wireless charging capabilities. This is all according to leaked specs from a reliable source. So let’s dive into these features and imagine what they can make changes for your mobile experience.

We’ll walk through how the 90Hz refresh rate can give you a smoother experience, how the 64MP camera enhances your capturing capabilities, and how wireless charging simplifies your life. But first, let’s talk about why these features make the Pixel 7a stand out.

Pixel 7a: Overview of Rumored Specs

If you’re a fan of Google’s Pixel phones, your wait is almost over. The upcoming Pixel 7a has been leaked, and the specs are rumored to be some of the most impressive ever seen on a Google device!

Let’s break it down. First and foremost, a 90Hz refresh rate is expected for the 7a. That’s a big deal because it will makes it so much faster and smoother to browse through apps on a phone. Plus, it makes watching videos and playing games look much more crisp and realistic.

The 7a is also looking like it will boast a 64MP main camera with 3x optical zoom capabilities. That means you’ll get great clarity for close-ups shots, even from far away! Additionally, because of its support for wireless charging, you can recharge your phone without fussing with cords or plugs.

Overall, it seems like the Pixel 7a is one of Google’s best smartphones to date. Keep your eyes peeled for its full release—it’ll definitely be worth getting excited about!

Pixel 7a’s 90Hz Display

If bold, new features are what you need in your life, then you’ll be thrilled to discover the Pixel 7a’s 90Hz display. That’s right. For the first time ever, the Pixel 7a will be equipped with a screen refresh rate of 90 frames per second. That means faster page loading, a more responsive and smooth scrolling experience, and improved touch commands compared to other devices on the market.

Because of this 90Hz display technology, you can enjoy smoother videos and photos that don’t suffer from stuttered playback or blurring due to slow refresh speed. This is perfect for gaming fanatics who want more of an immersive experience when playing their favorite titles on their phones! Plus, the Pixel 7a’s 5G capabilities will make sure your connection never lags during online battles.

The 64MP Main Camera

The Pixel 7a’s main camera appears to have a 64MP imaging sensor, making it one of the most potent cameras on the market right now. This is another attractive spec that was leaked. You could expect taking your phone photography to a completely new level because that’s almost double what the majority of phones have right now.

The primary camera also features optical image stabilisation (OIS) technology and 4K video recording capabilities to minimise any shaky footage or fuzzy images. It also supports Night Sight 2.0 and RAW shooting mode to take your photography even further.

It looks like Google added a few other features as well, such as focus tracking technology, portrait mode blur and dedicated zoom buttons for ultra-zoom shots up to 10X. Plus, these features are all powered by Google’s AI algorithms, so you can expect top notch results every time.

Wireless Charging Capabilities

Wireless charging capabilities are sure to be a highlight of the Pixel 7a. You can ditch the cords and charge up your phone with ease and convenience. Additionally, if you will upgrade your phone, you won’t have to worry about purchasing a new charger because only a wireless charging pad is all you’ll need.

When it comes to power, Google promises the Pixel 7a will have fast wireless charging speeds, and you can even charge it up while using another device–like a laptop—with USB-C Power Delivery.

In addition, Pixel 7a also boasts reverse wireless charging similar to Huawei phones. This means you’ll be able to use your Pixel 7a as a power source for other devices that support Qi Wireless Charging tech—perfect for when friends are running low on battery power!

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Dynamic Range and Low-Light Photography

When it comes to photography, there’s a lot to like about the Pixel 7a. Of course, you probably already guessed that—after all, it’s got a 64MP main camera. But what you may not know is that this phone has really good dynamic range and low-light capabilities.

The dynamic range is impressive because of its ability to capture details in tricky lighting situations—from bright backgrounds to dimly lit subjects without any distortion or color inconsistency. Low-light photography on the Pixel 7a is great, too—you can use Night Sight to get amazing shots in near darkness and HDR+ helps you capture sharp details with well-preserved colors and contrast.

Pixel Neural Core

What sets the Pixel 7a apart from other phones is its use of the Pixel Neural Core chip, which helps improve image processing time while simultaneously preserving details and colors in shots. The Neural Core combines multiple shots together quickly with little noise or blurriness and also makes use of Google’s Super Res Zoom technology for close up photos.

It looks like Pixel 7a users will be able to take stunning photos that show both fine details and colors accurately—the next best thing to being actually there!

Battery Life and Other Features

What else can you expect from the Pixel 7a? Well, it looks like it’s going to have a big battery. A report says that the phone will come with a 4400mAh battery and support for wireless charging.

Of course, specs don’t provide a complete view. The Pixel 7a should be quick and dependable, giving Google’s renowned top-tier performance in terms of speed and responsiveness, based on previous Pixel phones. Additionally, you’ll have access to all of the helpful features that are only available through Google, such as Call Screen and Live Caption.

But that’s not all—the Pixel 7a looks like it will also be packed with exciting additional features! Here’s what else to expect:

  • Reverse wireless charging (so you can charge another device with the phone)
  • NFC for Google Pay
  • IP68 dust/water resistance
  • And more!

It looks like we have a lot of exciting features to look forward to with the Pixel 7a – stay tuned for its official release!


Overall, it appears that the Pixel 7a will be a fantastic phone without exceeding your budget. It is certain to satisfy all of your needs with a 90Hz display, 64MP main camera, and wireless charging. The majority of people who seek the features of a top-of-the-line phone without paying a high price will undoubtedly enjoy something about the Pixel 7a.

The best part is that it won’t cost a fortune. You can have all the features of a contemporary flagship phone with the Pixel 7a without shelling out a fortune. As the launch date draws near, keep an eye out for additional information. Before long, you might be holding a brand-new phone in your hands.

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