All You Need to Know About Entrance Exams After 12th Arts

details on Entrance Exams After 12th Arts
All You Need to Know About Entrance Exams After 12th Arts

Are you in your 12th year of school and feeling anxious about the future? You’ve done the hard work and need to pick a path that will take you to your goals. But before you can do much else, you have to ace those entrance exams.

We know how intimidating these tests can be, especially if this isn’t your first time taking them. You don’t want to waste another year, but it feels like the pressure is mounting. We hear you. This is why we’re here to demystify these entrance exams for 12th grade students like yourself.

We’re about to give you all the intel so that you don’t have to dig around for it. Don’t worry, because once we go through all the details of your upcoming entrance exams, passing them will feel like a piece of cake!

Overview of Entrance Exams for Post-12th Arts

After completing 12th grade in the arts stream, there are several entrance exams you can consider, depending on your interests and career goals. Some popular options include:

  1. Law Entrance Exams: As an arts student, you can explore a career in law by taking exams like the CLAT, AILET, and LSAT.
  2. Maharashtra Applied Arts and Crafts Common Entrance Test (MH-AAC-CET): This exam is for those interested in social sciences and fine arts.
  3. Entrance exams for mass media and hotel management are also available to arts students.

There are many other competitive entrance exams that you can explore across various fields. The right choice depends on your interests and the career path you’d like to follow.

Eligibility Criteria For The Entrance Exam After 12th Arts

If you’re planning to take an entrance exam after 12th grade, there are some eligibility criteria you should be aware of. Depending on the exam, the requirements can vary, but here are some of the most common:

  • You must have passed your Class 12 Arts Board Exam from a recognised educational board.
  • You must be 18 years old or older to apply for the entrance exam.
  • Most entrance exams require applicants to have English as their first language.
  • Some institutes may require applicants to have more than 90% in their senior secondary examinations.

In addition to these requirements, most entrance exams after 12th Arts also require students to be in good health and not suffer from any chronic ailments that might affect their performance in the test. So make sure you check out all the eligibility criteria before registering for any entrance exams that interest you!

Top 10 Entrance Exams After 12th Arts

If you’ve decided to pursue the arts after 12th grade, there are plenty of entrance exams you can take to enrol in the best colleges! Here are some of the top 10 entrance exams you can take after 12th grade:

  1. NID DAT (National Institute of Design Design Aptitude Test): This exam is for students seeking admission to the National Institute of Design for programmes in design fields such as communication, industrial, and textile design.
  2. NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology Entrance Exam): This exam is for students looking to pursue courses in fashion design, technology, and management at NIFT campuses across India.
  3. JMI (Jamia Millia Islamia Entrance Exam): This entrance exam is for students aiming to join various undergraduate courses in humanities, social sciences, and commerce at Jamia Millia Islamia University.
  4. DUET (Delhi University Entrance Test): DUET is conducted by Delhi University for admission to various undergraduate courses in the arts stream.
  5. CLAT (Common Law Admission Test): This exam is for students seeking admission to law schools in India, including National Law Universities (NLUs).
  6. AILET (All India Law Entrance Test): This entrance test is for admission to the National Law University, Delhi.
  7. LSAT (Law School Admission Test): The LSAT is a global entrance exam for students aiming to join law schools in India and abroad.
  8. IIMC (Indian Institute of Mass Communication Entrance Exam): This exam is for students interested in pursuing a career in journalism and mass communication.
  9. NCHMCT JEE (National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology Joint Entrance Examination): This entrance exam is for students looking to pursue hotel management courses in India.
  10. TISS BAT (Tata Institute of Social Sciences Bachelor’s Admission Test): This exam is for students seeking admission to undergraduate programmes in social sciences at TISS campuses.

Ensure that you research each exam’s eligibility criteria, syllabus, and exam pattern to align your interests and career goals with the appropriate entrance exam.

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How To Prepare For Entrance Exams After 12th Arts?

Entrance exams after 12th Arts can be tough, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good score on them with the right preparation. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when preparing for entrance exams:

Time Management

Time management is essential when it comes to preparing for entrance exams. You’ll need to be able to manage your time effectively in order to complete all of the tasks required in a given day that will includes studying, attending classes and coaching sessions along with revising your understanding of concepts. It’s important to break down the syllabus into achievable sections and set proper time-frames for each section, so that you will be  able to complete tasks on time.


Revision is key if you want to ace entrance exams after 12th Arts. Make sure that you’re revisiting topics on a regular basis to ensure that all of your learning is solidified and that you’re adequately prepared for exam day. It’s also important that you practise plenty of mock tests so that you know how to approach the exam paper on exam day itself.


We can’t stress this one enough—practise makes perfect! Make sure that you’re practising as many past papers and sample questions as possible so that you’re familiar with question types and formats come exam day. This will help keep nerves at bay since you’ll feel confident about what’s coming up on the test paper!

Importance Of Entrance Exams

If you are planning to pursue higher studies in the arts domain after 12th grade, then appearing in entrance exams is a must. It’s not just important to get admission into the college but also to gain skills and knowledge that will help you throughout your academic life. A good score in entrance exams demonstrates your grasp of a certain field and suggests your potential as a successful learner.

Entrance exams have some great advantages:

  • They act as an indicator of subject knowledge. Entrance exams measure how well you understand the concepts related to the subject or course.
  • Expands Career Opportunities: A good entrance exam result can open doors for higher study opportunities and better job options, both of which offer more career options than ever before.
  • Access to Additional Resources: Entrance exams provide access to additional resource materials such as textbooks, recordings, or lab sessions that can further improve your understanding of the subject or course.

With proper preparation, appearing in entrance exams can give you an edge over other students when applying for admission into colleges or universities. It also serves as a validation of all the hard work and dedication put into pursuing any particular field.

Exam Pattern And Syllabus Of Entrance Exams

After 12th grade, there are a number of entrance exams that you can take to further your studies and pursue a career. Before taking any one of these exams, it’s important to know the exam pattern and syllabus.

Generally, the exam pattern involves multiple-choice questions (MCQs) that test your knowledge across various topics. You can also expect questions on comprehension, logical reasoning, aptitude, and data analysis. The syllabus may vary by institution, but generally includes topics from the following:

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English Language And Comprehension

This section tests your knowledge of grammar rules and language structure, along with your ability to understand given texts. It may also include synonyms and antonyms, fill-in-the blanks, sentence completion, etc.


This section covers basic math concepts from classes 10 and 12, such as arithmetic operations, algebraic identities, linear equations, quadratic equations, mensuration, trigonometry, probability, etc.

General Awareness

In this section, you’ll probably be asked questions about current affairs and events like sports, science and technology news, etc. You should also expect general-knowledge questions about politics and history.

Science And The Environment

Questions may range from the basic concepts of science learned in school (such as biology), chemical reactions and processes, laws of motion, etc., to environmental problems such as global warming, deforestation, etc.

Knowing what type of exam you’re taking—and its corresponding exam pattern and syllabus—is essential for scoring good marks in any entrance test after 12th Arts. So do your research well before making a move!

Government Competitive Exams After 12th Arts

You may not have known that after completing the 12th grade, there are various government competitive exam options available. These exams offer great opportunities for students to get a job in the government sector or to continue their studies at higher levels. Here’s a look at some of the popular entrance exams after 12th Arts:

Staff Selection Commission (SSC)

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) offers numerous options for recruitment across different departments and ministries of the Government of India. After 12th Arts, you can apply for the SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam, the SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level Exam, and the SSC Stenographers Exam.

National Defence Academy (NDA)

The National Defence Academy (NDA) examination is conducted twice a year by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). This examination is open to those who have completed their 10+2 level education in any stream, including the arts. It is one of the toughest exams in India, and selection requires dedication and hard work.

UPSC Civil Services Examination

The Union Public Service Commission Civil Services Examination is one of the most prestigious job opportunities in India and includes jobs such as IAS, IPS, IRS, etc. Candidates need to appear for the preliminary examination, the main oral examination, followed by an interview or personality test to get selected. Those who have completed 12th grade with an arts stream are eligible for this exam.

Preparation Strategies For Entrance Exams After 12th Arts

Entrance exams after 12th Arts can be daunting, but taking the right preparation strategies can make a big difference in your success.

Knowing What You Need to Know

Before you get started, it’s important to know what you need to know. Different entrance exams require different topics, so be sure to do your research and figure out what topics you need to cover. This should inform the preparation strategies you decide on.

Dedicate Time Every Day

Dedicating time each day to studying is key; don’t let yourself fall behind! Setting aside a few hours every day can make a huge difference when it comes time to take the test. Try breaking up your studying into smaller chunks of time and focusing on one subject at a time.

Mock Tests and Sample Papers

Mock tests and sample papers are an invaluable tool for preparing for entrance exams after 12th Arts. Practising with mock tests lets you get comfortable with the format of the test and manage your time effectively. And sample papers give an idea of the difficulty level of questions that might come up as well as which topics are more likely to show up on the exam.

Tips For Exam Day Regarding Entrance Exams After 12th Arts

It’s exam day, and you want everything to go as smoothly as possible. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure that you get enough rest the night before the exam so that you’re well-rested and alert when the day comes.
  2. Arrive at least 30 minutes before the exam to give yourself time to settle down and prepare for the test ahead.
  3. Pack your essentials—notebooks and stationery, a water bottle, pieces of fruit and nuts for a quick snack, as well as some tissues.
  4. Read the instructions carefully before starting on the paper so that you can allocate time accordingly for each section of the paper and make sure all questions are answered accurately.
  5. If you come across any questions that you find difficult to answer, remember not to panic! Simply leave it out and move on to an easier question instead—you can always come back later if there’s still enough time at hand.
  6. Don’t forget to check your answers one last time before submitting your papers—it could mean the difference between a good grade and an even better grade!

These simple tips will help ensure that all goes according to plan on your entrance exams after 12th Arts!

Career Opportunities After 12th Arts

Did you know that after 12th grade, you can open up a lot of career opportunities? Whether it’s arts-related jobs or something completely unrelated, the fact is that having a 12th-grade arts degree means there are many different paths you can take.

Arts-Related Careers

A 12th-grade arts degree allows for some very creative and fulfilling pathways. Here are some options:

  1. Media and Journalism: You can become a reporter or news anchor or work in production at a TV station or radio station.
  2. Education: Teach students from primary to university level in any subject like history, geography, mathematics, and so on.
  3. Creative Writing: Become an editor or author by writing books, articles, and reports.
  4. Interior Design: This field combines art and architecture to create the perfect living space for people’s homes and offices.
  5. Graphic Design: Take your creativity to the next level by designing magazine covers, logos, brochures, and other advertising materials used in business marketing campaigns.
  6. Fine Arts: Put your artistic talents to work as a sculptor, illustrator, or visual artist in any medium—this could include painting, sketching, or photography!

Non-Arts Careers

Don’t worry if the arts aren’t your thing; there are still plenty of career paths available after 12th grade that don’t involve any creative disciplines at all! Here’s a sample of some popular ones:

  1. Business Administration: Use the skills learned during 12th Commerce or Computer Science courses to manage companies’ accounting books, accounts payable and receivable, and other financial aspects of running an organisation as efficiently as possible with minimal

Success Stories

Studying for entrance exams after 12th Arts can seem daunting, but you can find success in the end of your hard work. There are plenty of success stories out there of people who have found success with their entrance exams after the 12th Arts.

Here are a few examples that you can use for motivation:

  • Aman Rawat cracked the UGC NET Mains in her first attempt and is now a lecturer.
  • Pranav Jain made it to AIIMS this year with his hard work and wit.
  • Rahul Sharma secured admission to NLU Delhi after crushing his CLAT paper twice in a row.

These stories serve as an inspiration to other arts students and show them it is possible to succeed in entrance exams after 12th Arts. So don’t give up! With the right approach, you too can crack your entrance exams and make your dreams come true.


The competition for entrance exams in the arts field is high, and the stakes are even higher. However, with the right preparation and dedication, you can ace any entrance exam post-12th grade and be one step closer to fulfilling your dreams. Start your preparation early, work hard, and you will be rewarded with the best opportunities. Don’t ever be daunted by the competition. Instead, let it be your biggest motivator. Remember, with the right tools, resources, and a clear mind, you can conquer any entrance exam post-12th grade. Good luck!