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Are you having a hard time looking for the best English Medium Schools in Nallasopara? Let us reduce the hassle for you by providing a full list of the best schools in Nallasopara. 

Selecting the right school is very crucial for the future of your child. During the initial years of life, the right guidance is very important for a child to develop the right behavior. Along with personal growth, enhancing the skills and learning speed is equally important.

There are a number of top-rated English Medium Schools in Nallasopara, also there are a few new schools soon to be developed here as well. When it comes to education, you shouldn’t compromise.

Nalasopara is a developing place with a number of good schools. You can surely find a good English Medium Schools in your locality from the list below. 

English Medium Schools in Nallasopara
Get the details on English Medium Schools in Nallasopara

List of English Medium Schools in Nallasopara

Name Of The SchoolContact AddressOpening & Closing Time
JBS English Medium High School2, Achole Rd, Neminath Nagar, Yashwant Viva Twp, Nalasopara (E) 401209
St.Ann’s Millenium English Medium High School099602 48687Gass Rd, Gass, Nalasopara (W) 401203
Padmashree Bhausaheb Vartak English Medium Schools, NaleNalasopara West,  Maharashtra 4012037am–12:30pm
Sunday – Closed.
Divine Biessing High School English Medium086006 00499Saag Pada Nalasopara{ E}, Pelhar Rd, Shriram Nagar, 4012087am–5pm
Sunday – Closed.
Little Angels English School088065 51224CRCF+973, behind tanya gas agency, santosh bhuvan, (e), Nalasopara West, Maharashtra 401208
Mother Mary’s English High School & Jr. College093202 19666Achole Rd, Neminath Nagar, Yashvant Viva Twp, Nalasopara East,  Maharashtra 4012099am–5pm
Sunday – Closed.
Prarthana English Medium School DhanivCVP6+85J, Pelhar Rd, Dhaniv Baug, Nalasopara East, Pelhar, Maharashtra 401208
Little Flower’s English High School0250 240 2017Sopara, Samel Pada, Nalasopara West, Maharashtra 4012037am–6pm
Sunday – Closed.
St. Aloysius High SchoolAmbawadi, Nalasopara (E) 4012096:30am–5:30pm
Saturday & Sunday- Closed.
S.T Mary’s English High School302, Chakradhar Nagar, Panchal Nagar, Lakshmiben Chedda Nagar, Nalasopara West 401203
Infant Jesus High School073500 11417Vijay Nagar Road, Vijay Nagar, Damodar Nagar, Nalasopara East 401209
Purushottam English High SchoolShriram Nagar, Dhaniv Baug, Nalasopara East, 4012088am–5pm
Mother Teresa English High School098907 41234B/1st Floor, Martin Commercial Complex Link Road, opp. Bhavani Park, Yashvant Viva Twp, Nalasopara (E), 4012097am–6pm
Saturday- 8am–4pm
Sunday Closed.
Pancham Hindi High School080805 58070Achole Road, lodha circle, Gala Nagar, Nalasopara East, 401209
Al-Furqan English School072191 38689Gass Rd, Sopara, Samel Pada, Nalasopara West,, Maharashtra 4012037am–6pm
Sunday Closed.
New Orchid English School092091 58133Samel Pada, Nalasopara West, Maharashtra 4012037am–1pm
Saturday & Sunday- Closed.
Mount Merrys English School099305 75696Vasant Nagari Rd, Vasant Nagari, Nalasopara (E) 4012098am–7pm
Saturday & Sunday- Closed.
Holy Mother English High SchoolAchole Rd, Bori Colony, Moregaon Talao, Oswal Nagari, Nalasopara (E) 40120910am–1pm
Sunday Closed.
Holy Mary English High SchoolDamodar Nagar, Nalasopara (E) 4012097am–12pm
Sunday Closed.
Holy Angle’s English SchoolValaipada, Manevale pada, Nalasopara East 4012089am–5pm
Rahul International School (RIS)  Nallasopara – CBSE1800 266 4042Patankar Rd, Patankar Park, Lakshmiben Chedda Nagar, Nalasopara West,  Maharashtra 4012039am–6pm
Mother Mary’s English High School093208 80154Shreeprastha Road, Nallasopara (W) Maharashtra 401203
Mohammadi Urdu And English SchoolMahan, Nalasopara East, Maharashtra 401208
Mother Mary’s English High School077109 44515Sriprastha, Morya Nagar, Maharashtra 4012036am–5pm
Sunday Closed.
Saint Francis De Sales High School and church0250 243 4370Central Park Rd, Oswal Nagari, Nalasopara (E) 401209
U.S. Ostwal English Academy High School 070282 66976Oswal Nagari, Nalasopara East, Maharashtra 4012099am–4:30pm
Sunday Closed.
Morning Star English High SchoolManevale pada, Nalasopara (E) 4012099am–3pm
Sunday Closed.
Narayana e – Techno School1800 102 3344Station Rd, next to Galaxy Hotel, Nalasopara West, Maharashtra 4012038:30am–6pm
Sunday-  8:30am–1pm
st johns english high schoolMahan, Nalasopara East,  Maharashtra 401208
Nalasopara Public English School created by nayakHawai Pada, Nalasopara East, Maharashtra 401208
R. P. English school093230 75217Tanda Pada Road,Choudhary Compound, Santosh Bhuvan, Nalasopara East, 4012097am–5:30pm
Saturday- 7am–3:30pm
Sunday Closed.
Sudarshan English High School and Jr collegeDhaniv Baug, Nalasopara East, 4012087am–5:30pm
Saturday Sunday- Closed.
Cosmos English School084465 60614Gangdipada nallasopara east dist 401209, Dhaniv Baug, 4012087am–2pm
Sunday Closed.
Holy Cross Convent School0250 680 9578Nalasopara West,  Maharashtra 401203
Lokmanya High School & Junior College088885 73608Virar Rd, Vijay Nagar, Damodar Nagar, Nalasopara East,  Maharashtra 401209
Z. B. Zakaria English High School084460 51560Nawayat Nagar, Samel Pada, Nalasopara West, a 4012037am–6pm
Sunday Closed.
Achole English High schoolAmbawadi, Nalasopara East, Maharashtra 401209
Limra English School098608 67917Renuka Krishna Nagar, Near Station Highway Road,Nalasopara (E) 4012097am–5:30pm
Friday- 7am–12:30pm
Sunday Closed.
Mother Velankani English School & Junior College070660 04160Mahesh Park, Tulinj Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 4012098am–5pm
Sunday Closed.
Ary English School070208 59943Near shivsena office, Dhaniv Baug, Nalasopara East, 4012089am–2pm
Ebenezer English High School & Jivdani ClassesManevale pada, Nalasopara East, Maharashtra 401208
Sacred Heart High Schoolground floor, Shree Sagar Apartment, ST Depot Road, Lakshmiben Chedda Nagar, Nalasopara West, Maharashtra 4012037:30am–5pm
Saturday- 7:30am–3pm Sunday Closed.
Km English High SchoolHans Vijay Nagar, Hawai Pada, Nalasopara East, Maharashtra 401208
Holy Cross English High SchoolVasai,Thane, Nirmal, Maharashtra 4013046am–6pm
Sat, Sun- Closed.
Evergreen High SchoolMoregaon Talao, Nalasopara East, Maharashtra 4012097am–1:45pm
Saturday & Sunday – Closed.
St. Luke English High SchoolDube Compound, Bilal Pada, Maharashtra 401208
Blooming Bud’s High School077568 89587401209, Neminath Nagar, Yashvant Viva Twp, Nalasopara East,  Maharashtra 4012099am–5pm
Rajiv Gandhi Vidyalay087930 23681Aakash Nagar, Nilemore, Nalasopara West,  Maharashtra 4012037am–6pm
Sunday Closed.
Pancham hindi high school084338 63009Gala Nagar, Ambawadi, Nalasopara (E) 401209
Little flower English high school Don Ln, Ambawadi, Nalasopara (E) 401209
J.S.S English High SchoolVirar – Nala Sopara Link Rd, Wakanpada, Nalasopara East, 4012098am–6pm
Sunday Closed.
Sopara English Secondary SchoolWard No 15,Thane District, Nallasopara, 401209
Claridges High School086008 86357Behind Vini Heights,Opp. Manthan Hotel,Lakshmiben Chheda Maarg, Nalasopara (W) 4012038am–2pm
Saturday- 8am–1pm
Sunday Closed.
Pyramid Global School083697 29814Gospel Church Bhuigaon, Nalasopara West, Maharashtra 4012018am–5pmSat,
Sunday- Closed.
K.M.P.D. High School0250 243 2270Tulinj Rd, Damodar Nagar, Nalasopara East, Maharashtra 401209Sunday- 12am–10pm
Hansa International School097659 06591Hansa Nagar Rashid Compound, Pelhar Road, Nalasopara East, 4012088am–6pm
Sunday – Closed.
Rahul International School (RIS) Shreeprastha, Nallasopara – ICSE090228 98767Shreeprastha Road, Near Mother Mary English High School, Nalasopara West, Thane, Maharashtra 4012039am–6pm
Krist Raj High School0250 244 1852Blossom Complex, Shirdi Nagar, Nalasopara East, 4012096am–6pmSat,
Sunday- Closed.
Sunshine English high school & Jr.collegeMukund Nagar Rd, Hawai Pada, Nalasopara (E), 4012087:15am–6pm
Sunday – Closed.
Hillside English School070669 91156Rafique Compound, Wakanpada, Nalasopara East, 4012087:15am–5pm
Sunday- Closed.
St. Anthony’s High School.090047 56444Nagindas Road, Damodar Nagar, Nalasopara East, 401209
Achole English Secondary SchoolWard No. 5, Achole,Thane, Nallosapare, Maharashtra 401209
Holy Faith English High School401208, Valai Pada, Nalasopara East, 401208
St. Jems English High SchoolSai Kripa Apt, Achole Rd, Shirdi Nagar, Nalasopara East, Maharashtra 4012097am–6:30pm
Sunday – Closed.
Gurukul English SchoolAzad Nagar, Manevale pada, Nalasopara (E), 401208

We hope you will find the best English Medium Schools in Nallasopara near you.

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