ChatGPT Puts Google’s Business At Risk? Google Search On A ‘Code Red’ & Coder’s Jobs At Risk?

Recently, ChatGpt has been talked about all over! Social media is bombarded with news and reactions on ChatGpt. But what is it that has everyone talking about it? Why is it gaining so much attention? 

You will find the answers to all your questions regarding trending technology ChatGpt here. Let us give you all the important information about Gpt 3.

Know how ChatGPT risking Google Search Engine
Know how ChatGPT risking Google Search Engine

What is GPT 3 Ai?

Open Ai has developed a chatbot that has brought a storm all over social media. This viral Ai baby has everyone talking about it. Gpt-3 Ai is a successor of the previously developed ai language models by Open Ai. Are you wondering what ChatGPT is precise? Let us tell you about it.

ChatGPT is a chatbot developed by Open Ai, and its complete form is Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer. It was founded by Elon Musk and powered by IBM. Gpt-3 gained about 1 million users in just a week of its publishing. People are going crazy over this fantastic model.

ChatGPT is a next-level chatbot that makes everything easy. Be it creating written content, getting information about something, or even coding. ChatGPT has many advantages, but that’s not it; it also has certain disadvantages. Let us now tell you about the pros and cons of Gpt-3 ai chat. So, if you want to chat with Gpt 3, you must stay informed about this.

What are the Advantages of ChatGPT?

  • Time Saver

The key advantage of Gpt 3 is that it saves time. Yes! Gpt-3 Ai helps create content within just a few seconds. It is a super time saver and makes content creation super easy. It quickly creates written content like cover letters, blogs, emailers, letters, and almost every type of content. 

  • Additional Features

Gpt 3 has additional features like Ai Legal Assistance and Ai Insurance Tech. These are very helpful in creating legal content or insurance-related content. These features make Gpt an even better and more convenient model to use. 

  • Coding Made Easy

The most remarkable feature of Gpt 3 Ai is that it can code! Yes! It might be hard to believe, but gpt 3 can translate natural language in code and code into a natural language. Gpt 3 can also analyze bugs in a code, fix a code, explain a code, answer questions regarding programming language, can translate a code from one programming language to another. 

  • Human-like Text

Gpt 3 is so advanced that the text it creates is human-like. You would not feel like a bot is creating this text. And this makes it even easier to understand the content. It helps in learning quickly. It also provides samples related to the topics of search. 

And there are many more advantages of Gpt 3. But that’s not it. There are also certain disadvantages of Gpt 3.

What are the Disadvantages Of ChatGPT?

  • Inaccuracy

The fact that Gpt gets you all the information within seconds is excellent, but sometimes the information presented needs to be more accurate. If the search topic is unfamiliar to the bot, it will still create some write-up regarding it that needs to be more accurate.

  • Creates Fake Information

If you ask a hypothetical question or something that has not happened or can’t happen, the bot will still create content based on its assumption. This write-up is misleading. Gpt 3 creates imaginary content, which makes it less dependable. 

  • Hacking Made Easy

As this Ai model can code, it can also be misused by people trying to hack. As the bot creates code for whatever has been asked, it can also write code for dangerous malware. It can also write phishing emails. And the fact that there are no typos in the content created by Gpt, the phishing emails will make people fall into the trap quite easily.

  • Lack Of Quality

No matter how quickly Gpt provides written content, the quality of content created using a human brain is what this Ai model needs to improve. Though there aren’t any typos, the touch of realness in the content is missing. 

  • People Might Become Dependable

The habit of getting ready-made content within seconds will make people more dependent on this model. The coming generations might need to make more effort or use their thoughts and knowledge to create content when they get it written by a chatbot within seconds. 

ChatGPT Risks Google’s Search?

So, the answer to this question is ‘Yes.’ Gpt 3 has put Google’s Business at risk to some extent or even more. Because Google provides accurate information, its route of getting the correct information is a bit longer and time-consuming compared to ChatGpt. Let us elaborate on the difference between ChatGpt and Google Search.

When you add the topic of search in Google’s search bar, it directs you toward many links containing the information related to your search topic. Then you start surfing through different links until you find the one that provides accurate information. This process is quick but has now started to seem lengthy due to its comparison with ChatGpt.

What happens with Gpt is that when you add the topic of search, it directly creates the content on that topic within seconds and presents it to you. So, the whole process of surfing through different links and reading various information before selecting one gets completely cut short here.

So, it is naturally less time-consuming than Google Search. This feature makes people more inclined to use Gpt than Google, which is why Google’s business is at considerable risk.

Will GPT 3 Replace Coders?

Well, now you know the pros and cons of Gpt. Now you also know that Gpt 3 can code. And this one feature has evoked the same question in everyone’s minds: Will Gpt 3 replace coders? Are coders’ jobs at risk due to Gpt? 

Well, ChatGpt has indeed made coding easy. It has made it so convenient to use as it also analyses if there are any bugs in the code. It also gives solutions on how to resolve the bugs. All these fantastic features might seem enough to believe that ChatGpt will replace programmers.

But that’s not it. ChatGpt is undoubtedly an extremely advanced model developed by Open Ai, and its features are on another level, but it cannot replace human developers. As the model has certain limitations, one can only partially depend upon it and will require the assistance of a professional individual. 

It sure will make the coder’s jobs easier and quicker, but it cannot completely replace them with the limitation that it has.

Last Words

Gpt 3 by Open Ai is a nifty tool that will make many jobs relatively easier and speed up the work. It is a perfect tool to learn and understand something quickly. Last-minute tasks will be less hectic for the working class now. But, this boon can turn into a bane if not used responsibly. So, as valuable and convenient as this model is, it can also become a dangerous tool if misused.

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