Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation took action against unauthorized handcarts outside Dmart

Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation took action against unauthorized handcarts
Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation took action against unauthorized handcarts outside Dmart

Vasai News Today: Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation has taken action against unauthorized handcarts outside Dmart and different places in Vasai-Virar. Under the guidance of Ajit Muthe, Municipal Assistant, this action against unauthorized handcarts was taken against the unauthorized handcarts, which are obstructing the traffic conditions in the city.

The municipality carried out demolition operations with the help of JCB on all unauthorized handcarts in the area from Nalasopara East Dmart Tulinj Police Station to Virar East Dmart Manvel Pada, Kargil Nagar, 90 Feet Road, Vasai Dmart. On this occasion, Ward Committee (B), Ward Committee (C) Sayak Commissioner Ganesh Patil, Suresh Patil, along with Atikraman Vibha’s assistant Ajit Muthe were present in this action against unauthorized handcarts.
Under the Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation, hawkers have given loans of thousands of rupees. Florists, vegetable sellers, and vada pav sellers, who earn their living from selling food, have become victims of this operation. Therefore, the citizens have demanded compensation, asking if the municipality will repay the loan.

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Statements And Opinions Of Handcarts Owners

The Municipal Corporation is doing wrong because they should have warned the unauthorized hawkers or they should have accommodated them in another place. And even after providing another place to hawkers, if the hawkers didn’t leave the place, this action against unauthorized handcarts was correct.

These people did not warn us and directly came and broke our handcarts. The Municipal The corporation said they had warned us in the morning, but then our shops were closed. We start service after 5 pm, so who do they alert in the morning? We do business daily from 5 pm to 10 pm and pay to utilize the place and receive charge receipts daily. So they should have given us at least 1-hour notice to remove our handcarts before they broke them.
We are paying the loan for our handcarts, so how do we pay off the loan now? We will not repay the loan, we want the government to pay for our losses.

Statement From The Mahanagarpalika

Mahanagarpalika stated that the road is for people to walk and not for stalls to serve. Hence the action against unauthorized handcarts has been taken by the Mahanagrpalika.
The action was taken against the hawkers occupying the footpaths and roads in front of the Ward Committee office on Thursday after taking action against illegal constructions in the ‘I’ Ward Committee area of ​​Vasai Virar City Municipal Corporation. After that, the encroachment department’s march was diverted to the illegal huts near Parulekar School. Mohan Sankhe, Assistant Commissioner of the I Ward Committee, had stopped the action against illegal constructions and encroachments for the past few days.

With the sudden start of the action, the encroachers panicked. For a similar sudden action on Thursday, the encroachment department took action against the hawkers misbehaving on roads and footpaths in Squad I Division. After arriving, street hawkers were seen running here and there. In this operation, vegetables, fruits, weights, buckets, and other materials have seized, and notices have given to the traders encroaching on the main market road.
After that, the JCB removed the three sheds illegally constructed on the drain near Parulekar School, saying that action against unauthorized handcarts would be taken against the shopkeepers if the municipal administration found encroachment on the footpaths and roads.

On behalf of the Vasai 1 Ward Committee, action was taken against illegal constructions and illegal hawkers in Umelman, Koliwada, and Dmart areas in the evening.

Last Words

Sudden action from Vasai-Virar Mahanagarpalika have created a problem for the hawkers/ small stall runners. There is a fact that Vasai local people do like to eat street food on daily basis. And this is the reason behind the increasing the number of handcarts on the roads.

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