Abhinayaa Bharatnatyam Institute Of Vasai Celebrates Their 27 Glorious Years 

Abhinayaa Bharatnatyam Institute in Vasai Virar

Welcome to the enchanting world of Abhinayaa Institute of Research and Fine Arts, a beacon of Bharatanatyam excellence nestled in the heart of Vasai-Virar. With a rich legacy spanning 27 years, this institute stands as a testament to the dedication and passion of its visionary leader, Guru Dr. Chitra Vishwanathan.

As one of the oldest Bharatanatyam institutions in Vasai Virar, Abhinayaa has been a nurturing ground for artistic expression and cultural preservation. Under the guidance of Guru Dr. Chitra Vishwanathan, more commonly called as Guruma, the institute has flourished, imparting the profound art of Bharatanatyam to generations of eager learners. Now, as we eagerly anticipate the arrival of the 27th Annual Celebration, it is a moment to reflect on their journey, and celebrate the artistic tapestry woven over the years, and look forward to the continued resonance of Bharatanatyam’s timeless beauty. 

Join us as we embark on a journey through dance, tradition, and artistic expression, honouring 27 years of Abhinayaa’s unwavering commitment to the cultural heritage of Vasai-Virar.

The Journey of Abhinayaa Bharatnatyam Institute

In 1996, the amazing journey of Guru Dr. Chitra Vishwanathan and her husband P. E. Vishwanathan began in the vibrant city of dreams, Mumbai. Fueled by the desire to make a living and pursue their passion, the couple envisioned starting their own Bharatanatyam and Classical Music classes. However, amidst the demands of daily life, their dream took a backseat. Undeterred, Guruma started teaching Maths and English in Malad, Borivali, and Goregaon. Their path led them to Vasai, where Guruma swiftly secured a job at St. Peters School within a week.

Guruma dedicated a whopping 17 hours a day to her work, while her talented husband, after office hours, showcased his singing prowess in shows. To resurrect their dream of Bharatanatyam classes, they understood the need for significant funds and toiled relentlessly for it.

Despite facing numerous challenges, Guruma decided to kickstart her Bharatanatyam class in Vasai. The initial response was discouraging, with people saying, ‘Your Dance Class Won’t Survive Here.’ Guruma, however, transformed this negativity into determination, seeing it as a challenge. With the unwavering support of a few parents and against the odds, she began with a handful of students. Today, after 27 successful years, Guruma has imparted knowledge to thousands in the art of Bharatanatyam.

Throughout her journey, Guruma encountered countless obstacles, but what sustained her was her parents and husband’s unwavering love & support, her own dedication, her constant faith in God’s plan, and the backing of her trusted team. Guruma emerges as a beacon of inspiration, having constructed her empire of Bharatanatyam education on the unyielding pillars of experience, knowledge, hard work, and dedication.

27th Annual Day Celebration Of The Abhinayaa Bharatnatyam Institute, Vasai

This year marks a momentous occasion as Guru Dr. Chitra Vishwanathan and her dedicated team joyfully commemorate the splendid 27 years of Abhinayaa Bharatnatyam Institute. The eagerly awaited 27th Annual Celebration is scheduled for December 2, 2023, at the enchanting Sainagar Ground in Vasai West, starting from 6 pm onwards. Anticipation is high, and the event promises to be a grand affair, graced by the presence of 100 talented students from Abhinayaa Bharatnatyam Institute.

The celebration will be a spectacle, featuring a myriad of Bharatanatyam performances by students ranging from 4-year-olds to married individuals and mothers. Imagine the delight of witnessing diverse generations come together to celebrate the glorious journey of the Institute—it’s bound to be a heartwarming experience.

The crowning jewel of the event is the much-anticipated ‘Shiv Shakti Ballet.’ Renowned for her exceptional choreography and selection of mythological tales for Bharatanatyam, Guru Dr. Chitra Vishwanathan has once again chosen a powerful theme for this year—’Shiv Shakti Ballet.’

In this enchanting performance, Guruma will delve into the captivating stories of Shiva and Shakti, presenting a mesmerizing choreography that promises to weave magic on this special occasion. The event, exclusively for the Abhinayaa Family, has generated tremendous excitement, with the venue already overbooked due to the immense family size. Although the event is at full capacity, keep an eye on Vasai Virar News for sneak peeks of this extraordinary gathering. If you have any connection with the Abhinayaa family, seize this golden opportunity to be part of this magical event that promises to be a celebration of art, culture, and the beautiful journey of Abhinayaa Bharatnatyam Institute.

In addition to the vibrant celebrations and captivating performances, Abhinayaa Bharatnatyam Institute’s journey over the past 27 years reflects a commitment to excellence and a passion for preserving the rich heritage of Bharatanatyam. Founded in 1996 by Guru Dr. Chitra Vishwanathan and her husband P. E. Vishwanathan, the institute has become a cultural hub, fostering a deep appreciation for the art form. With a focus on imparting knowledge, dedication to hard work, and the unwavering support of the Abhinayaa family, the institute has carved a niche in the world of classical dance education. The neutral reflection highlights the institute’s enduring legacy and its significant contribution to the cultural tapestry of Vasai.

Join The Abhinayaa Family; Best Bharatanatyam Dance Class

Abhinayaa Bharatnatyam Institute is one of the best bharatanatyam dance classes in Vasai Virar and has a number of branches as well. 

Abhinayaa Bharatnatyam Institute’s Branches Are In,






They also provide online bharatanatyam training nationally and internationally. So no matter where you reside, you can become a part of this amazing Bharatanatyam Classes. Abhinayaa Institute Of Research & Fine Arts provides certified bharatanatyam courses for beginner to advanced levels. 

The minimum age limit is 4 years and there is absolutely no maximum age limit. There are special ladies batches as well. Abhinayaa Institute also provides special Arangetram Training and have successfully completed 500+ Arangetrams so far. 

They have a team of professionally trained bharatanatyam dancers who are the pillars of Guruma’s Institute. Abhinayaa Bharatnatyam Institute in Vasai stands out as the best bharatanatyam institute providing career opportunities for aspiring dancers who wish to create a strong career in the field of dance.

Get Affiliated With Abhinayaa Institute

If you are willing to start your own Bharatanatyam Classes but lack the proper guidance and certification to do so, get affiliated with Abhinayaa and turn your dream into reality! Guru Dr. Chitra Vishwanathan provides special teacher’s training for aspiring Bharatanatyam teachers. They provide certified examinations and the certificates include a space for the teachers name as well. Which is a great initiative to encourage more and more Bharatanatyam dancers to start teaching. So connect with them soon and get affiliated with Abhinayaa Institute. 

On that note, stay connected with Abhinayaa Institute one of the best Vasai Virar Businesses and Vasai Virar News to get the sneak peeks of their glorious 27 years celebration.